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On-Demand International Roaming
Frequently Asked Questions

On-Demand International Roaming Service is a call forwarding service that forwards in coming mobile calls from Singapore to any overseas number. Most mobile users use roaming service from their mobile operator when they are travelling to overseas in order to receive in coming calls to their Singapore mobile. However, that usually incur hefty charges and cost many more time per minute than when the calls are answered in Singapore. By using this service, users have an alternative that can enjoy up to 80% savings in comparison and save on the monthly subscription fee*.

To use this service, users will need to first sign up IDD1526 service, as On-Demand International Roaming is a bundled value added service of it. Alternatively, users can purchase a TravelCard which listed On-Demand International Roaming as one of the features. In additional, users will need to have already or intend to have an overseas mobile or fixed line number to receive calls in the country they travel to and register their Singapore mobile to the IDD1526 service or TravelCard.

Users first initiate the service by sending a SMS command containing the overseas number from their registered Singapore mobile to system. In return, the system will respond back with a Singapore number, which is called Virtual Number. All users need to do now is to divert all calls from their Singapore mobile to this number before leaving Singapore and users will start receiving in coming calls to their Singapore mobile on the overseas number that set using the SMS command when they reach the destination. SMS will still be received on their Singapore number on roaming.

Upon returning to Singapore, the users should cancel all call divert on their Singapore mobile and all in coming calls will resume normal.

*This service provides end-user with a free 14 days subscription and will receive a SMS notification before the end of the 14th day. User can reply back to cancel the service or continue to use this service for another 14 days with a $1.00 extension fee.

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